X/Y Pal Manual + FAQ

Manual and FAQs for the X/Y pal iOS application for MIDI CC controlling.

What is the X/Y Pal?

It’s an iOS app which provides multiple X/Y pads for controlling MIDI CC (control change) messages. These pads are customizable and allow the easy sending of CC messages via MIDI to your software or hardware devices.

Does the app make sounds?

No, the app itself does not create any audio. It just sends MIDI CC messages.

How can I control my Ableton device with the X/Y pal?

The first question is, how your iOS device is connected to the computer on which your DAW – in this case Ableton – is running.

If it’s connected via USB cable, then first go to your AUDIO Midi Setup application and “Enable” your iOS device.

After this step the device should be visible in Abletons MIDI Input/Output devices.

Now activate “Remote”.

In the X/Y pal you know need to map your parameters to the corresponding host by selecting “IDAM MIDI Host” from the MIDI output selector.